Devon General Society - Vehicles in Preservation

The Society itself does not own any vehicles but keeps records of all ex-Devon General buses and coaches that are known to survive.

Click on the link below for a PDF downloadable list of all former Devon General vehicles (ie; those that were new to DG) known to survive.  Some are fully restored and regularly seen on the rally circuit; a few remain with operators still earning their keep.  In some cases we know little more than a vehicle is 'thought to still survive' but have no recent information to back this up.  All members are asked to advise the Vehicle Preservation Officer (see 'Contacts' page) if they have any additional information which can be used to update the Society's records.  Details of current owners and locations of vehicles are, in many cases, held by the Society but, for reasons of privacy, are not published here

Click here to see the current list

Please also see the website of the Devon General Omnibus Trust for further details of ongoing restorations